Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Microchip Clinic Today - Tuesday May 15 - Only $25!!

If anyone has had the misfortune of losing an animal, then it's no secret the loss that people feel when one is gone either by theft, escape, or just a mishap on the owners part.
Microchipped animals have a way to get back to you, as soon as they are found by an animal control, humane society, as well as most vets all over the country. 
The Humane Society of Henderson County will be microchipping all companion (cats and dogs) animals for the public on Tuesday May 15.  The clinic starts at noon, and will go no later than 7pm.  Come early, as late arrivals will be turned away!
If your animal becomes lost or stolen, and is picked up by animal control, or turned into a humane society or veterinarian clinic, a chip reader is waved over their chip area and an the chip information will display.  Then it is only a matter of looking up the chip information, and you get a call that fluffy has been found!
The chip itself is the size of a grain of rice, and is quickly implanted into the scruff with little or no discomfort to the animal.  It hurts more to watch it!!

The cost to come to the clinic is $25.00, and it will take a matter of seconds, after the paperwork and payment is complete.
If you have questions, contact Joshua Cromer at jtcromer@hshcky.org, or Misty Payne at mpayne@hshcky.org.
We look forward to seeing everyone down here to add an invaluable tool to your furry family member and help them find you if they ever are lost.
Humane Society of Henderson County KY
203 Drury Lane
Henderson, Kentucky 42420

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