Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Washing Machine Greatly Needed!

Washer Needed!! Our washing machine is currently not working and things aren't looking good for repair. We typically do laundry several hours a day to keep up with towels and blankets. If anyone is willing to donate a washer, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much and our furry kids thank you too!

Cat Adoption Special - $35!!

Cats $35!! - Cat season is in full effect and we are getting in multiple litters a day. Another 27 new arrivals today. Please help us make room by taking advantage of our cat adoption special of $35. Not only is this a great time to add a special friend to your family, but you can help save multiple lives too! Adoption fee includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and flea treatment. Thank you and please share!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Disaster Preparedness from ASPCA

From aspca.org:
Emergencies come in many forms, and they may require anything from a brief absence from your home to permanent evacuation. Each type of disaster requires different measures to keep your pets safe. The best thing you can do for yourself and your pets is to be prepared.
Step 1   Get a Rescue Alert Sticker 
This easy-to-use sticker will let people know that pets are inside your home. Make sure it is visible to rescue workers, and that it includes 1) the types and number of pets in your household; 2) the name of your veterinarian; and 3) your veterinarian's phone number. If you must evacuate with your pets, and if time allows, write "EVACUATED" across the stickers.
To get a free emergency pet alert sticker for your home, please fill out our online order form ; please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Your local pet supply store may also sell similar stickers.
Step 2   Arrange a Safe Haven Arrange a safe haven for your pets in the event of evacuation. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS BEHIND. Remember, if it isn't safe for you, it isn't safe for your pets. They may become trapped or escape and be exposed to numerous life-threatening hazards. Note that not all Red Cross disaster shelters accept pets, so it is imperative that you have determined where you will bring your pets ahead of time:
  • Contact your veterinarian for a list of preferred boarding kennels and facilities.
  • Ask your local animal shelter if they provide emergency shelter or foster care for pets.
  • Identify hotels or motels outside of your immediate area that accept pets.
  • Ask friends and relatives outside your immediate area if they would be willing to take in your pet.
Read the rest of the article on the aspca.org website here.