Monday, April 4, 2011

Shelter Manager News

It is with great regret that I inform you all that our Shelter Manager Lori Austin has submitted her letter of resignation.  This was a very difficult decision for Lori, as she cares very deeply for our mission and our organization.  Under her leadership, we have made great strides and improvements.  It is our commitment to her, the staff and volunteers, the community, and the animals we help to continue moving forward and creating the Humane Society we all know we can achieve.  Lori will be working for the next two weeks and will then take time off to deal with health issues.  As anyone who knows Lori would confirm, she is a very dedicated and compassionate person.  Once she has had adequate time off and her health improves, she has mentioned the possibility of staying involved in some capacity to continue our efforts to help the animals and community of Henderson County.   I want to extend my personal gratitude to Lori for all of the hard work and long hours she has given to us during her time here.  She has done many wonderful things and inspired many along the way, including improving the lives of thousands of animals that have passed through our doors.

Thank you,
Josh Williams
Humane Society of Henderson County