Sunday, March 6, 2011


I hope a very special person is reading this because it will take someone pretty special to take Lucy home with them. Lucy was brought to us a couple of weeks ago because of health issues with her previous owners. They are no longer able to take care of her. As I was talking with an older lady, who was trying so hard not to cry, I couldn't help but notice how frightened this little dog was. She was backing away, hiding under whatever she could find. This isn't unusual with these little breeds, but I was worried about how we would be able to handle her, to give her the shots and other preventive treatments we give when animals first come into the shelter. With the help of "puncture resistant" gloves, we were able to do what we needed to do, but she was so stressed, we knew we could not put her in general poputlation in case someone tried to pet her and she bit them. We had to put her in the back to "chill" overnight.

Unfortunately the next day she wasn't much better, but I just couldn't leave her alone back there. I was able to get a leash around her and I took her outside. As I've seen so many times, once you get a scared dog away from the building, they often relax enough to realize we're not so scary after all. I let her walk around a bit, then sat down with her. She didn't come up to me, but allowed me to pick her up. We were fast friends from that point on and I brought her to live in the office so we could socialize her. She was still resistant to others in the shelter (I was the only one who could put her in or take her out of her crate for the first couple of days) but she slowly started adding others to her list of friends. She was very reluctant to be around men, but has now started jumping in the laps of our Animal Control officers and giving them lots of kisses. For the most part, anyone new can not approach her without her flinching away or growling.

How are we going to adopt this lively little dog, so full of kisses and tail wags??? Here's what I know about her: She is about 7 months old. She is pee pad trained, but will not go outside (another strike against her for most people) She does NOT pee in her crate overnight, but will not pee outside either (although she loves to be outside, it's playtime only). When we bring her back in, she heads straight for her pad and does her business there. She never has accidents anywhere - just always goes for her pad. For some people, especially those living in apartments, this may not be a disadvantage. We'll have to see.

Lucy LOVES kids - she does not hesitate at all to approach a child. Her owner had told me she loved kids, and we've seen that here as well. She is definitely a lap dog, but she's full of life and spunk too. She can entertain herself with a tennis ball or play fetch with you. She has played very well with the other dog we have living in the office right now and has had no problem with our cats.

Lucy will require a lot of patience, right from the beginning. If anyone is interested in taking this sweet girl home with them, I'd ask that you plan to spend a couple of hours over a couple of days here at the shelter, just visiting. We will set you up in the office and your only job will be to be there for Lucy to get to know you. You can take her outside and let her feel comfortable with you there. She may be young enough to actually house train, but it will take a lot of time, patience and creativity to accomplish this.

I know she will make a wonderful addition to the right family, and I know that family is out there. If you know someone you think might be interested (and if that person is special enough), please have them come by or call us. We need to get this baby a home!

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