Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Julie, a pure-bred pitbull, came to us on the day of the Christmas Parade in 2010.  She was very skinny, very scared and very pregnant.  We were able to take her to a foster family where she could be fostered and cared for while waiting for her puppies.  She ended up having 10 puppies (9 girls and 1 boy).  One of the puppies died not long after birth.  Julie then developed a severe case of mastitis.  Her teat burst and she had to be removed from the puppies.  They then hand-raised the remaining 9 puppies from the time they were 1 1/2 weeks old.  We treated Julie for the mastitis, giving her antibiotics, pain meds and flushing the open wound 2-3 times each day until it healed.  She wasn't the most cooperative with the pills, but she tolerated the wound flushing like a champ!  She was a picky eater and we needed to get some weight back on her, so we experimented until we found that she liked Moist & Meaty dog food.  She soon was eating well and put on some weight.

We later found out that her owner had adopted her from Evansville Animal Control and Shelter with the requirement that she be spayed soon after adoption. However, they missed the spay appointment scheduled by EAC.  Instead she was to be used for breeding and the puppies were to be sold.   We try to reunite owners with their pets if possible and if it is in the best interest of the animal.  Even though Julie's stray hold had expired and she legally belonged to us, we agreed to make one last effort when we were contacted by the owners.  We offered to allow them to have Julie and the puppies if all of the medical expenses were paid (which looked to be around $3,000), all puppies and Julie were spayed, and they could submit to home visits from our animal control officers to prove that they could properly care for her.  That was the last we heard from them.  They didn't even call to ask how Julie or the puppies were doing.

Julie soon recovered from her ordeal and was finally ready for adoption.  After 3 weeks waiting for adoption, and over 2 1/2 months in our care, Julie was finally adopted at our weekly adoption event at PetsMart in Evansville this past Saturday, which that is coordinated by our wonderful volunteers.  She was adopted to a young lady in Henderson who had been visiting Julie regularly at the shelter and really wanted her.  We were very excited and happy for this wonderful soul that had been through so much.   We will be doing a home visit in the next few days to check on our sweetheart. 

As for all those puppies, our Rescue Coordinator Diane was able to place them in rescues out of state.  Background checks and home visits are a regular part of the adoption process for pit puppies.  They were all spayed/neutered before making their trip.

Congratulations Julie and thank you for being so patient and kind to us while in our care.  We love you and although we will miss your beautiful eyes, we are so happy that you have a loving home.

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