Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Need to Vent

Maybe this isn’t the time or place. Maybe no one actually reads these blogs. Maybe I’m only “preaching to the choir”. But maybe someone will read this that needs to. Or maybe someone will pass this on to someone who needs to see it.

I don’t even know where to start. Maybe with Drew and Drake, the pit puppies that came in last week, taken from deplorable living conditions. They were malnourished, full of intestinal worms and as cute as can be. Oh yes, they also had not had any vet care during their short life. Which means they also came in with parvo. Which means we had 2 very sick puppies Thursday that had to be euthanized.

Then there’s Chloe. She is an 8 year old shepherd mix who is lovely in face and in spirit. Someone obviously loved her at one time because she is so lovable. Unfortunately they didn’t love her enough to have her spayed. They also didn’t love her enough to call looking for her. Oh – and they didn’t love her enough to provide heartworm prevention. So I have a senior female that is too old to be spayed without expensive blood work; that is, if she survived the heartworm treatment, which is also extremely expensive. We know the reality of finding a home for her. She will be euthanized within the week.

That brings to mind the people who criticize us for not being a “no kill” shelter. The reality of “no kill” shelters is that they are also known as Limited Intake shelters. They generally only take the most adoptable animals – the rest come to us. I have even been told that there are actually people in the Henderson community that have said they would be happy to donate large amounts of money to us, but won’t because we’re not a “no kill” shelter. I would like to take this opportunity to make those people aware that they are personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of animals each year. Because with the money they claim they want to use to help animals, we could possibly treat dogs with parvo. We could afford blood work to make sure the senior animals we get are healthy enough for surgery. We could provide heartworm treatment, not just for the most adoptable animals, but for all the animals that deserve a good home.

I will be going in tonight to check on Hope. She was taken from a home yesterday due to neglect. I have never seen so emaciated an animal. She has obviously been loved by someone at one time. When our Animal Control Officers came in, she got down off the couch and brought them her rope toy. This dog that possibly hasn’t eaten in days, maybe even weeks, just wanted someone to play with her. Her owner has apparently contacted us, claiming he was out of town and had a friend taking care of her. He needs new friends. We took her in last night, gave her food and fluids and a soft place to lay down. Her tail is wagging and she loves to cuddle. How could someone do this to her?

Then there’s the people that get mad at us for our fees. The ones that say “I don’t care about the leash law” then claim that the problem isn’t that the dogs are running loose. It’s because their neighbors don’t like them (no comment). The fact that we received multiple calls about the dogs being in the streets, dodging cars, tearing up trash is completely irrelevant. They make the statement that they’ll “just get rid of the $%^&* dogs” if they’re going to have to pay for breaking the law. Our Return to Owner fees are meant to be a deterrent. Just take care of your animals. That’s all we ask. Oh, and yes – that means keeping them in your yard.

One more story – the woman diagnosed with cancer whose husband is divorcing her and left her homeless. She is living in a garage and can’t keep her dog and 4 cats. She found a home for the dog, but had no choice but to bring the cats to us. These cats have been well taken care of. They’re beautiful and healthy. We will hopefully find goods home for all of them. This is the reason we’re here – to help people (and animals) in need.

Sorry this is so long. There are so many other stories; Julie, T'amo, Oreo, Meow. So many others. It’s been a rough week.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I think more people need to hear the truth and the reasons why things are done the way they are. Educating the public will hopefully go a long way to helping the shelter. I know if I had money, I would give it all to you guys.

  2. I have had this very conversation with others recently. I wish I had been able to explain as well as you did why we must support the shelter even though it cannot be "no kill." I can't imagine how hard it is for you to make these decisions.