Sunday, February 20, 2011

Defining the Henderson Pet Overpopulation Problem

Henderson County Population Statistics

This data breaks down the issue of pet overpopulation in Henderson County. Surrounding counties are having the same problem. The Humane Society of Henderson County is committed to eliminating creutly, abuse, neglect and homelessness in Henderson County with a specific emphasis on saving lives and reducing the overpopulation problem. Please join us in this fight to protect the the animals in our community that cannot fight for themselves.

*2000 census data for Henderson County along with national statistics

Henderson Population: 37,415
Households: 15,721
Avg. # of animals entering HSHC shelter: 1 in 6.5 households

# Households with Dogs: 31.6%
Dogs per household: 1.69
Total dogs with homes: 8,396
New Dog Homes Available / YR: 840

# Households with Cats: 27.3%
Cats per household: 2.19
Total cats with homes: 9,399
New Cat Homes Available / YR: 940

Total animals with homes: 17,795
Average Lifespan (yrs): 10
New Homes Available / YR: 1,779

# of litters from female cat / YR: up to 3
# of kittens per litter: 4-6
Age at which a female cat can produce first litter: 4-10 months
Gestation Period: 58-70 Days

# of litters from female dog / YR: up to 2
# of puppies per litter: 6-12
Age at which a female dog can produce first litter: 7-9 months
Gestation Period: 58-71 Days

Total Animals Adopted and Placed in Rescue 2010*:   1224
*Includes only HSHC adoptions, not other rescues organizations or private breeders, etc.

2010 HSHC Intake*
Total Intake: 2357
Total Available Homes: 1779

Cat Intake: 1117
Available Cat Homes: 940

Dog Intake: 1240
Available Dog Homes: 840

*Includes only HSHC intakes, not other rescues organizations or private breeders, etc.

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