Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Donation Options - President's Message

Along with the new year, we have created new restricted donation options to help you support the care of the animals in our community in a way that best suites you.  These include donations for spay/neuter surgeries, animal welfare, facilities and programs, and general organization funding.  For example, we expect to perform 800-1000 spay/neuter surgeries in 2011 at an approximate cost of $40,000.  Our new Animal Welfare donation option goes directly to the cost of the daily care, vaccinations, food, medical supplies, and vet services for the animals that come into our facility.  In 2010, we cared for nearly 2400 animals and each stayed an average of 11 days.  That equates to roughly 72 animals in our care every single day.  The Humane Society is an independant 501(c)3 non-profit organization and the funding for this care comes directly from grants and donations you provide.  We do have a contract with the City and County for animal control services.  The money they provide is used soley for animals control services and not the areas of need listed above.  Also, any money you donate WILL NOT be used for animal control services.

The Humane Society provides animal control services so that we can save as many homeless animals as possible by moving them into the Humane Society program if left unclaimed by an owner.  Without providing such a service, we feel many of these animals would not have a chance at a new home.  An example of a separate Humane Society and Animal Control operation is Vandeburgh County.  The Vandeburgh Humane Society does a wonderful job caring for their animals.  The Animal Control facility, which is government owned and operated has many more resource limitations for the care of the animals they receive, and if they are not adopted within a week of the stray hold release date, they are forced to euthanize.  Fortunately for us, we have NO set date for euthanasia, though I know that is a common misconception.

The Humane Society of Henderson County has been in the process of making many changes over the past year.  These include critical facility repairs and improvements, restructuring of staff and Board of Directors, and new policies and procedures, most of which may not be visible to the general public. However, these improvements come with increased expense.  The next phase of our rebuilding process is to now show our community what we are doing, what limitations we still face, and what our goals are for the future of the Humane Society for Henderson County with your support.  To help restore confidence in these donations and the Humane Society in general, we have an Accountant handling all bookkeeping for the Humane Society, as well has annual audits conducted by an outside Accounting Firm.  We are also now listed as a Guidestar Exchange Partner in Trust.  We plan to provide reports to the public showing expenses and donations for each of these areas of need. 

Please take a moment to review our new donation options and please donate to support the care of the animals in our community.  Without your financial support, we will be unable to continue to provide the necessary level of care for these animals, or expand on the care and community programs Henderson County desparately needs.  The current animal care expenses are already over budget and donations are not at the level needed to cover them.  Every donation, whether large or small, does make a positive impact on an animals life.  Please donate today. 

Thank you,
Josh Williams
President HSHC

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