Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Wish

It's been awhile since I've been able to post anything on our website, but I have an important message today and I hope people have a chance to see it. It's pretty lengthy, but I really hope people who want to help special dogs will take the time to learn about these 2 great boys.

Many of you are familiar with Adam and Alvin, but I don't know if everyone knows their story. Both of these great guys are 2 of Gypsy's puppies and anyone who knew Gypsy knows that is something special. We didn't know it when the puppies were adopted out, but Gypsy had come down with Demodectic mange, a skin disease caused by Demodex mites. These mites live normally on the skin of dogs, but in some cases, especially times of stress, the mites can multiply and cause skin irritation. This condition is not contagious, except between a mom and her pups. Turns out it was probably the stress of the pregnancy and raising pups that brought this out in Gypsy, and she passed it on to her puppies. It is very easily treated and controlled, but it is a condition that can come beck throughout an animal's life if they are in a stressful situation.

Adam came to us in late August. He was a mess. He had been adopted in early August and his new owners had never taken him to the vet. Even when he started having skin issues, they still didn't get him taken care of. They finally brought him back to us because their other dog didn't like him. He was terrified, sore, itchy and miserable. He was huddled and trembling in the back of his cage. We took him to the vet, verified that it was just Demodex that was causing his problems and got him started on Promeris, a topical treatment (the same as many flea preventatives) that works very well on Demodex. He also had secondary infections due to his scratching so we started him on an antibiotic as well. Since he had never gotten the rest of his puppy vaccines, we took care of that also.
We brought him up to the front office to socialize him and saw such a difference in him in a very short time. I wish so much we had before and after pictures to show, but I can show you what he looks like now.

Alvin was adopted at the end of July and came back to us in early October. Unlike Adam, his new owner had tried to take care of him, but whatever treatment the vet was using didn't work on him. He was almost as bad as Adam, although he had at least had some love and attention at his new home. We took him in, started him on Promeris and he has a full, rich coat now.

Here's my concern and my wish. Dogs are not meant to live in a kennel for months on end. Even though we all love these boys and play with them as much as possible, they spend over 22 hours each day in their kennel. We had them together, but have recently had to separate them. I have started to notice lick sores on Alvin. I'm not sure if he's doing it to himself or if Adam is doing it to him, but I know why it's happening - boredom. These boys need a home. They need people to love them. They need people to spend time with them. What they don't need is to continue to spend each and every day in a kennel. We took them on as a project. They had both had a sad beginning, especially Adam, and they deserved so much better. We wanted to provide that for them. Unfortunately, despite dramatically reducing their adoption fee, we have not been able to find homes for them. There have been a few interested people, especially in Alvin, but no one has committed to giving them the love and care they need and deserve. They are through with their treatment for the Demodex, but we are suggesting they continue to have the Promeris applied each month for a year after their final treatment. Promeris is inexpensive and can also be used as a monthly flea treatment. We are providing the first 2 months' free with the adoption.

My Christmas Wish is that Adam and Alvin find their new homes by the end of the year. If you are able to help them, or know a kind, loving person that would let them into their hearts, please (please, please...) have them come by or contact us.