Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Special Needs Dogs

Occasionally I would like to use this space to highlight some of our animals that need good, loving homes, but may be hard to place for various reasons. I have 2 such animals today I'd like to tell you about.

Corey is a stray, about 1 year old, that was found in a local barn. She was starving and scared to death. You can see how thin she was in the picture below. She has come a long way since that day. She is housetrained and enjoys her daily walks. She walks fairly well on a leash and is not as afraid anymore, although big trucks still frighten her. She would make a great addition to a warm, loving home.

Her problem? She has a heart murmur. It has been diagnosed by a local vet as a 3 out of 5. While that is significant, it is not a death sentence. She could live many more years without the murmur progressing at all, or causing her any problems. We see no symptoms (coughing, easily tired) in her now. The only problem we have is getting her spayed. The surgery could be dangerous for her, or she could come through it with no problems at all. The decision whether or not to have her spayed would have to be between her new family and their veterinarian.

I hope you will consider adding Corey to your family. She deserves a good life with loving people who will help her get over her fears and show her how great life can be.

The other animal I'd like to tell you about is Angela. Surprisingly, she has the same problem, a heart murmur.
She is a beautiful 2 year old cat who came in as a mama to 3 kittens. She took great care of her kittens (we have already adopted 2 of them) and is very sweet. She just needs a comfortable chair in your loving home.

More information on these 2 animals is available on our website, or you can call us. We would love to have you come down and visit with these two pets. I know you will fall in love with them, just as we have.

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