Monday, November 15, 2010

Ellie's New Home

We have been keeping up with one of our adopted kids Dixie (now Ellie).  We originally received her on April 30th, and she left for a temporary home with a rescue on June 2.  The rescue was the Chicago Canine Rescue ( We were fortunate enough to receive the following information from her new parents and a few pictures as well!  So happy for Ellie!!
"Thanks for checking in on us! We are so happy to be able to write you with a wonderful update on Ellie. She has adjusted beautifully to a normal life and being a big sister to Murphy! They get along fine. She does great in the house and has slept all through the night since the day she came home. She loves having a soft bed to retreat to every night and the couch during the day. She is a true lounger. She is very calm by nature, nothing we can take credit for and is just the sweetest lady to everyone and loves kids!

We started attending puppy school last week and are lucky she knew some basics from her fosters prior to us. She is very smart and listens well, we are so happy that we were able to make her a part of our family and that she has finally come home to the life she has deserved, forever."

Thanks for everything!
Here are some pics as well!!
-Bridget & Patrick

"Ellie is an amazing addition to our family! We love her so much and you can see it in her eyes that she is just so happy where she is. She loves the sofa! She is great with our cat, kids but still a bit skittish and defensive with other dogs.

Just as sweet as can be. I have attached a few pics of her after settling in to her new life, home and family. Hope all is well with you and the shelter!"

-Bridget & Patrick

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