Sunday, October 24, 2010

Microchips and More

You can tell when something's important if it's used as a blog topic twice in a row. In fact, some communities think that microchipping is so important that it is mandated that every animal have one. In Henderson County, every dog is supposed to be licensed and receive a tag proving that they have been licensed. A current rabies certificate is required to have this done and the cost is only $2. We will be happy to license your dog at the Humane Society and give you a tag.

However, tags can be lost, collars can be left behind and dogs can end up at our shelter with no identification. Since a microchip is injected below the dog's skin, it will always be with them. A quick scan, a couple of short phone calls, and you can be reunited with your best friend. This is the best protection we can offer to our pets.

November 7-13th is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. We want to take this time to show how much we appreciate the pet owners of our area and offer microchipping at the reduced rate of $20. This is $10 less than our usual price. Please bring in your dogs and cats during the week of Nov. 7th and we will microchip them, and then (as always) register them at no additional cost.

One more thing - if you find a pet, PLEASE bring it to the shelter as soon as possible. Keeping a pet for a week or more to see if someone will come looking for them only delays either their return to their home or our finding a new home for them. Sometimes it can also delay necessary medical care, causing animals to suffer needlessly.

Along with that, if you have lost a pet, PLEASE call us right away. I am amazed, daily, at the wonderful animals that show up at our shelter and no one ever calls looking for them. So many of these are obviously someone's pets - well fed, well cared for, trained... and scared to be away from home. Our favorite duty is reuniting pets with their owners - in most cases that is the absolute best outcome for a lost animal. If we don't have your pet when you call, ask us to fill out a Lost Report so we can be looking for him/her. Feel free to call often to see if your pet has been found by us or by caring individuals who bring lost pets to us so we can give them the care they need.

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