Friday, September 17, 2010

Shoe Boxes Reduce Anxiety

We are often faced with finding ways of reducing the stress on cats while at the Humane Society. Cats are extremely susceptible to illness stemming from increased anxiety.  While our space and resources are limited, we have found some very simple solutions that help our furry felines.  After consulting with local Humane Societies such as the Vandeburgh Humane Society and various national animal welfare organizations, one simple solution is to include an empty shoe box in each cage with the cat.  This sounds simple, but it has really made a great impact on the stress level and overall health of the cats while at our facility.  Without the boxes, the cats often felt as though they could not have any privacy or security inside the cage.  Often they would lay in their litter box.  The boxes also allow them an additional item in the cage that can hold their scent which also reduces their stress.  The addition of the shoe boxes a couple of months ago has really worked out well. 

One issue we faced was coming up with enough boxes since each new cat would need a new box.  So far, we have been very fortunate to have boxes donated by both Simon Shoes and Shoe Carnival.  We wanted to give a special thank you to them for supporting us and helping to improve the the welfare of the many cats in our care.

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